Mr. Manu Panicker

Mind Coach


  • MBA in HR
  • NLP & EFT Practitioner
  • Experience from 2005 in Traning and Coaching

As a holistic health healing organization, we understand the importance of a health & supportive mind in the recovery of the physical problem.

We treat the mind & body as a single unit, that is why we have in our team Mr. Manu Panicker, the mind coach.

He is an expert in understanding & curing the mental side f the physical problem. Every physical problem- be it back-pain, stomach-ache, head-ache could be rooted in emotional stuck energy.

Yes, there are personal reasons with the mind coach (usually 1 hour long) are focused on finding the mental side of the problem. The mind coach then uses NLP (neurolinguistic Programming) & EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to help understand & cure the underlying problems associated with the physical system.

Also, the mind coach helps you develop better habits in life so that these physical problems don’t keep re-occurring.    

A lot of change is needed both in behaviors & personality; the mind coach with his tools (NLP & EFT) is well-equipped to help you with the transition. 

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