Health Pro Solutions was inaugurated in 2017 and has worked with devotion to helping patients manage their physical wellness through physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

The physiotherapists at our clinic are qualified medical professionals with training in skillful physio-therapeutic techniques and are empathetic towards patients. They are aware that they are managing a human being who is going through a difficult challenge (physical, mental, emotional, social and/or economic) and not just treating the symptoms. It is vital to diagnose the cause of the problem rather than just address the symptom or an investigation report.

At Health Pro, we believe that the skillful hands of a therapist together with compassion in the heart while treating our patients is the key to quality results and patient satisfaction. We believe in healing people with a scientific understanding of the problem in combination with creative skills of the hand and compassion of the heart.


Your pain/ problems are thoroughly assessed. Examination of your nervous system, lymphatic system, muscles, and joints are carried out by us. After identifying the cause of the problem or pain.


Body’s ability to heal itself is enhanced Functions and systems of the body are normalized Inflammation & Pain is reduced Energy level and over-all well being is increased

ANF Therapy

ANF Therapy is for the one who has been looking out for the therapy that can address the root cause of any pain, with or without the use of drugs. Significant pain reduction within 15-20 minutes.


Awareness & Goal setting

Being educated about your condition/injury is the most important factor towards your success. When you visit our clinic, you will be given a thorough assessment.


We recognize that you are in pain and/or unable to move the way you want to. Our Physiotherapists are skilled in internationally established techniques like Mulligans concept, McKenzie techniques and a variety of non-invasive methods including Kinesio-taping, Pilates, Manual therapy, Electrotherapy etc.


After a few sessions of treatment, your pain may be reduced; but the key is to get back to your previous level of function.

Prevention & Lifestyle

At Health Pro Solutions, we believe that our true success lies in the fact that our client can maintain the physical recovery on his/her own even after the completion of therapy.

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